Would you like to free yourself from stress?

Are you looking to empower yourself to potentially achieve freedom, happiness & harmony in your life today?

Would you like to learn how to design your life and thrive? 

In Grace and Balance: How to Thrive in Stressful Times, you will find a 3-step guaranteed system:

1.Rest – Improve your sleeping habits and be more at ease though travel and self-care

2.Reset – Remove toxins that wreak havoc in your body & mind

3. Restore- Rejuvenate your energy and your life and feel more creative, fulfilled, balanced & purposeful.

 “Awesome! This book will bless you & teach you to manage your daily stress.” 
Joel Saludares, Feast Builder, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker
"I highly recommend this book to everyone. This will give you a clear insight on how to manage stress and live a balanced life."
Dr. June Acebedo, Optometrist, Entrepreneur, Success Coach, Motivational Speaker
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